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Remote Power—Where And When You Need It

Remote sensors, pumps, cameras, lights and other devices need dependable power.  The P3 System delivers the correct amount of continuous green power, anywhere you need it.  No generators or power lines are required. 


Understanding Power Ratings—What You Need to Know

Solar power is frequently added with little understanding of the actual equipment operating requirements or of the dynamics of how a solar system operates.  Many suppliers offer solar systems with power ratings based on the total peak power rating of the solar panels they include. For example, a 100 watt system might consist of two panels rated at 50 watts each. It is true that such a system can deliver 100 watts during the hours that the sun is well overhead and under cloudless conditions.  Such a system cannot actually operate a 10 watt camera and a 15 watt wireless link for 24 hours a day, day after day.  This type of rating is misleading and will lead to disappointing performance.


Serious Uninterrupted Energy

When the P3 System is rated at 100 watts, we mean it will deliver 100 watts every hour, 24 hours a day, even if the sun doesn’t shine for a couple of days. It will recharge its batteries even while delivering 100 watts for 24 hours of every day. When considered in these terms, a so-called 100 watt system composed of two 50 watt panels, properly installed, would actually be rated at only about 6 watts.


For a more direct comparison, our 100 watt plant has a peak power rating of 1750 watts for the panels alone. However, we consider this to be a 100 watt system because that is the absolutely dependable power support you receive, day after day, including night hours and some cloudy days. Our systems are designed with a complete understanding of your needs and can be built for any requirement.  A P3 System can deliver a much higher output for a shorter time, for example the 100 watt system can deliver 2400 watts for one hour a day, or 300 watts for an eight hour shift.  This is serous energy, delivered full time with specifications you can rely on.



Flexible Mounting Arrangements

For total flexibility, use our specially designed power platform for a quick and easy installation of the solar array. The platform frame is made of standard-sized galvanized pipe that can be obtained locally or ordered with the kit.  All hardware the constructs the platform frame and mounts the solar panels is of quality galvanized steel to ensure long life.  Aluminum framed solar panels are insulated from the steel frame structure to prevent galvanic interaction.  The kit includes everything you need with simple illustrated installation instructions.  Just put it together, use your compass to point the solar array south and your P3 system is ready for use.  It’s just as easy to disassemble and relocate.

The P3 System can also be easily mounted on poles, buildings or trailers.  Our design engineers can custom design a system or systems to meet your requirements. 

Standard Features


AGM Technology Batteries

Maintenance free and long life

MPPT Solar Controller

20% to 30% more power from the solar array

Fiberglass Locker

Protect and house all components

Consider adding:

· Gemini DC to DC Converter to eliminate power wasting adapters and clutter.  Output voltage is adjustable from 6 to 48 volts DC.  Several converters can be installed.

· Additional PoE injection ports.

· BattStat Monitoring System, a browser based system to insure the health of your power plant.

· 200 watt wind generator

· AC inverters of various sizes.

· A pipe frame custom designed for your site.  Kits can be ordered with or without the pipe.

· Batteries can be deleted from kits, but any you supply must meet system specifications.

A quick explanation on the columns.  Power rating in watts is the amount of power you have available per hour.  Peak watts is the amount of solar power you have when the sun is shining brightly.  The watts per day is how much power you have in a 24 hour period.  If you only need to run something 8 hours, on our 15 watt system you could actually run something that consumed 45 watts.

System -Continuous Power rating in watts   Peak
Watts per
15    160    360    24 $  8,893
30    350    720    24 $ 12,597
40    525    960    24 $ 16,571
60   1050   1440    24 $ 23,469
100   1400    2400    48 $ 36,283
160   1750   3840    48 $ 46,139
200   2450   4800    48 $ 56,491

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